Lack of know-how in approaching, negotiating, and managing overseas influencers
Difficulty in managing influencers
Difficulty in tracking analytics
Unable to assign a full-time staff member due to conflicts with existing operations
Unsure of which influencers to approach in the first place
We will make a proposal to your company and negotiate with the influencer on your behalf, taking into account their audience, the contents that they usually produce, and their style of marketing. It is essential to deliver the appeal of your product to the right audience in the most efficient way.
For more information about our fees and procedures, please contact us from below link.
Types of influencers with whom we work
We will collaborate with YouTubers and streamers to effectively communicate the appeal of your product to overseas audiences through different types of videos from anime reviews to unboxings. In addition to YouTube, we can also handle projects on other platforms such as Twitch and TikTok.
We can help make your music more visible to overseas audiences by spreading the word through playlisters and curators, who have a strong presence on music streaming platforms such as Spotify.
We can effectively promote your product to anime fans and social media users through cosplayers, who are popular all over the world.