Marketing Agency

Common issues when expanding into overseas markets

Lack of staff who are fluent in the local language
Unable to assign a full-time staff member due to conflicts with existing operations
Staff must handle a wide range of duties, resulting in a decrease of high-quality work overall
Difficulties in negotiating with overseas partners and working together afterwards
Our staff will become part of your team and help you market your product, service, or artist overseas.
After meeting to assess the situation, we will identify areas that are difficult to handle with your company’s resources alone and establish roles and a workflow to carry them out.
For more information, please contact us via theinquiry form.
*We generally charge a fixed monthly fee for our services.
Managing English social media accounts for your company
Running an English social media account means creating posts using otaku jargon, maintaining posting frequency, and interacting with fans. In many cases, companies lack the resources to handle this on a full-time basis.
Our staff are well-versed in overseas otaku culture, so by leaving this task to us, you can reduce the burden on your company and maximize the number of visitors from social media websites.
Promo video development
Our writers have seen hundreds of anime promotional videos and can offer you advice on what kind of video will be well received by overseas audiences.
We will work closely with the studio from the planning stage to produce the optimal promotional video.
Press release distribution to overseas media
We will contact media groups that are closely related to your product and encourage them to write about it in order to increase exposure and generate buzz.
Interviews with overseas media
From setting up the interview to coordination, translation/interpretation, and checking the article before and after publication, you can leave everything to us.
Negotiation for guest appearances at overseas conventions
Exhibiting at overseas conventions is a great opportunity to gain exposure by interacting directly with enthusiastic fans and the press.
We will help you to select an event and negotiate terms and conditions. We can also handle other arrangements such as hiring local staff for the day.